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Singapore National Chinese Orchestra

SCO & Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO) SCO Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) is the only professional national Chinese orchestra in Singapore.…

Singapore Conference Hall

Best Place to Enjoy Music in Singapore (Singapore Conference Hall) Home to the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) since 2001, the Singapore Conference…

Music Competition

Music Competition SCO is the main organiser of 2 major Chinese music competitions in Singapore— the Singapore International Competition for Chinese Orchestral…

Education & Outreach Efforts

Education & Outreach In order to fulfil our vision of becoming a world-renowned People’s Orchestra, SCO inspires, educates and communicates through its…


As part of SCO Digital Archival Portal, this blog was established for local Chinese orchestral enthusiasts and aspiring composers to learn more about the background, works, and achievements of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. Our vision is to grow the Chinese Orchestra community through easily accessible educational platforms and public events that are free for all to enjoy. Our music competitions also provide opportunities for musicians from various backgrounds to showcase and contribute their talents to the cultural Chinese music scene in Singapore.

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